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Using Google For Education [Defnyddio Google Ar Gyfer Addysg]

Using Google For Education Defnyddio Google Ar Gyfer Addysg

Google Classroom Codes 2021/2022


At St. Martin's School we use the google for education platform for learning.  It is free and compatible with many different devices.  Each class on the school timetable has a virtual 'google classroom' set up, where teachers post materials, announcements and assignments.  Students will need a class code to gain entry into each individual virtual classroom.  It is worth noting that this system is well established in school and has been in place for over 5 years.  We understand there will always be the odd issue that needs fixing.  In addition to the FAQs below, we have created youtube tutorials that you can view here.

How do I access google classroom?

Google Classroom is an app that can be downloaded on most devices or the most common way to access is to visit (you may be prompted to log in to first).   



It is possible to access google classroom via your xbox or playstation.  For more information, click here.

How do I access my tasks?

Every google classroom has a tab called 'stream' and 'classwork'.  Stream is generally used for announcements or messages.  Assignments and materials will be posted under classwork.   You may find this Parent Guide to google classroom helpful.  

How do I access my live lessons?

Please see the following video below.  Learners are required to sign the live lesson agreement.  This link has been emailed to parents and learners.  If, when clicking the link, it says you are not permitted to sign or access the agreement it maybe because you aren't signed into your school gmail account or you have already signed it.



Can my parents or carers sign in to google classroom?

Unfortunately, not at the moment.  The only way for parents to access their child's google classroom room is to sit with you while you are logged in.

How do I submit the work?

This is best explained by using this youtube tutorial below.



How do I use google calendar to set deadlines?

Please watch the following tutorial below.  If a teacher sets a deadline using google classroom, it will link to their calendar also.



What if I have forgotten my password?

Please email and we will pass your message onto our IT technician.   Please note we can only give the password to the account holder and not to a third party.