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Personal, Social Education & Careers

Personal, Social Education & Careers


St Martin’s deliver a comprehensive, effective careers programme and are the proud holders of the prestigious ‘Careers Wales Mark for continuous improvement’ awarded by Careers Wales, the national careers service in Wales. Careers education and guidance at St Martin’s is mainly delivered through PSE lessons and is based on the Careers and the World of Work framework for 11-19 year olds in Wales.

Students have the opportunity to attend Career Conventions, University visits, STEM days, visits to Industry. The program also includes visits from experienced professionals who will advise students on a variety of career related topics. For example: career paths, interview techniques, entrepreneurial skills, apprenticeships to name but a few.

The school has a designated Careers Wales, Careers Adviser, a Registered Professional Member of the Careers Development Institute. They offer guidance and help our pupils make decisions about their education, training and future jobs and careers. This is delivered through group sessions and one to one interviews whereby students are provided with a personalised career plan that focusses on enabling our learners make effective and sustainable decisions.

Careers Wales

  • Availability - Monday , Wednesday and Friday every week.  Parent Consultation day, Option Evenings and results days.
  • Email
  • Careers Wales on 0800 028 48 44 when not available in school.

Program of study

The PSE department at St. Martin’s aim to prepare learners to be personally and socially effective by providing learning experiences in which they can develop and apply skills, explore personal attitudes and values, and acquire appropriate knowledge and understanding. To enhance the learning experience the department works collaboratively with a wide range of outside agencies and charities.

Subject areas from the Welsh Government’s PSE Framework include:

The themes identified in the PSE framework are:

  • Active citizenship
  • Health and emotional well-being
  • Moral and spiritual development
  • Preparing for lifelong learning
  • Sustainable development and global citizenship.

In Year 7 and 8, students are timetabled to have one lesson of PSE each fortnight. During these lessons, young people participate in a range of carefully structured learning opportunities to ensure that topics are covered safely, and with the space for a range of differing opinions and experiences. Flexibility is also given within schemes of work to allow time to respond to topical news or health issues as they arise.

Year 9, 10 & 11 students also have one lesson a fortnight. They follow an innovative, flexible BTEC qualification in Personal Social Development known as SWEET.

SWEET modules

  • Personal Identity
  • Managing relationships
  • Healthy Living
  • Moving Forward
  • Money Matters
  • Enterprise and Employability
  • Global Citizenship
  • Community

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