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Key Stage 3 

All pupils are given the opportunity to study music. In their lessons pupils perform, listen to, and evaluate music across a range of historical periods, genres, styles and traditions. They are also given the opportunity to compose their own music and learn to play a musical instrument, if they wish.


 We follow the WJEC specification for GCSE Music. The course is made up of the following units:

Unit 1: Performing

Section A: Performing. A minimum of two pieces, one of which must be an ensemble performance of at least one minute duration. The other piece(s) may be either solo and/or ensemble. One of the pieces performed must link to an area of study of the learner's choice. Section B: A programme note for one of the pieces chosen for performance, linked to an area of study.

Unit 2: Composing

Section A: Two compositions, one of which must be in response to a brief set by WJEC. Learners will choose one brief from a choice of four, each one linked to a different area of study. The second composition is a free composition for which learners set their own brief. Section B: An evaluation of the piece composed in response to a brief set by WJEC.

Unit 3: Appraising

Pupils have to answer eight questions in total, two on each of the four areas of study.Two of the questions are based on prepared extracts set by WJEC.

KS5 AS Level

AS Unit 1: Performing

This includes a performance consisting of a minimum of two pieces either as a soloist or as part of an ensemble or a combination of both. One piece must reflect the musical characteristics of one area of study.

AS Unit 2: Composing

In this unit pupils must create two compositions; The first, is a piece of at least 1 minute duration which uses the techniques associated with the Western Classical Tradition, in response to a brief set by WJEC. The second, A free composition of at least 2 minutes duration. 

AS Unit 3: Appraising

Pupils have two areas of study - A: The Western Classical Tradition (Part 1). B: Rock and Pop 1965-1990. C: Musical Theatre, Porter, Rodgers, Schonberg and Lloyd-Webber. D -  Jazz 1940-1965.