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Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care

This subject is useful for anyone interested in a career in medicine, social work, teaching or care of the elderly.

Key Stage 4 – Level 2 Award in Health and Social Care.

This is a BTEC qualification offered by Pearson/Edexcel.

The qualification is divided into 4 units.

Unit 1 – Human Lifespan and Development- this is an examined unit which looks at the development of individuals from birth to death. It also considers how experiences a affect how we develop.

Unit 2 – Care Values in Health and Social Care – this is a coursework unit which looks at how we treat people who might be in our care. Students take part in a practical activity where they are responsible for planning and working with some of our younger pupils.

Unit 3 – Effective communication in Health and Social Care – here students will look at how we can effectively communicate with people especially those that may have additional needs e.g. Blind or people who don't speak good English. Students will be expected to participate in a range of communication role plays. This is a coursework assessment.

Unit 6 – Impact of Nutrition on Health and Wellbeing- this units provides an opportunity for students to look at healthy eating and the role of different nutrients in the body. Students will also create a healthy diet plan for 2 specific people. This is an assessment unit.

Key Stage 5 -Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Health and Social Care.

This qualification shows progression from that at key Stage 4. This course is also a BTEC but it carries the same UCAS points value as a traditional A level. The qualification is divided into 6 units and the assessment of each unit is in the form of an assessment portfolio.

Unit 1 – Effective Communication in Health and Social Care – in this unit students will study different forms of communication, what barriers might exist and how we can overcome them. Students will need to take part in a range of communication role play.

Unit 2 –Valuing Equality and Diversity in Health and Social Care – this unit looks at how people can be discriminated against. Time is spent understanding the different pieces of legislation which help to create an equal opportunities society.

Unit 3 – Health and Safety in Health and Social Care – health and safety is a key issue in any work place. We will look at acts of parliament which help protect people throughout health and social care settings. Students will have the opportunity to carry out their own risk assessment.

Unit 4 – Development Through The Life-stages – this unit extends previous knowledge learnt. Students will study how people develop by studying a famous person.

Unit 20 – Health Promotion – The promotion of health is an important aspect of society and students will have opportunity to carry out their own health promotion. Students will research a topic of their choice e.g. Under age drinking and will conduct a lesson to an appropriate audience.

Unit 21 – Understanding Nutrition- Students will study healthy eating, government initiatives and diet planning.