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Distance Learning [Dysgu o Bell]

Distance Learning Dysgu o Bell

Please find linked documents for parents/students to support you with your distance learning.



Learners who have signed the Live Lesson Agreement agree to the following rules, in line with Welsh Government Guidance.

  1. be punctual for all video-conferencing lessons/sessions
  2. access the relevant files for each lesson/session in advance and have the materials to hand
  3. make sure you have all power adaptors and laptops ready before the lesson/session begins and are logged into the lesson/session
  4. show respect for everyone in the online classroom
  5. dress appropriately for all lessons/sessions, thinking about respect for others
  6. ensure the location you log in from is appropriate and change their ‘background’ setting as agreed with the practitioner.
  7. seek to contribute to the lesson/session in a positive manner and not be disruptive at any time
  8. not share images of the session or lesson.

Lesson times are as follows:

8:30am = Core skills (Yr7 & 8 only)
8:45am = Lesson 1
9:30am = Lesson 2
10:45am = Lesson 3
11:45am = Lesson 4
1:00pm = Lesson 5