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GCSE Results 2021

GCSE Results 2021

I congratulate all of our learners for their exceptional results today and would like to say how extremely proud I am of each and every one of you for working so hard to achieve your very best in such challenging a time. 

The examinations that you have sat and the assessments that you have undertaken this year have been more rigorous in comparison to the usual set of exams that would be undertaken in a 'normal year'. This is both in terms of the number of exams and the difficulty level and as a result, you can be assured that the results you have attained are as a consequence of your efforts and a true reflection of your ability.

The format of these assessments are also more akin to how you would be assessed in the world of work and industry where multiple elements would be used to formulate a decision on your abilities and for that reason you are now better equipped to face the challenges of the next stage in your education or the world of work. 

Whilst the journey we have all been on throughout this pandemic has been tough, I have been immensely proud of how you as a generation have adapted and overcome such testing times, both in your personal lives and your educational experiences. The difficulties that you have overcome alongside us and your families will stay with us all forever but I am confident that you will have a strengthened ability to deal with adversity throughout your lives. 

The world needs your skills and abilities to tackle the problems it has and I have every confidence that the world will be a better place due to your input in future years as you move into the workplace and begin to shape our future. 

Enjoy the celebrations with your families and friends and we look forward to seeing those who join our Sixth Form in September and to hearing about the experiences of those who choose to study elsewhere or begin their working lives. 

Good luck to you all-not that you have ever needed luck to achieve what you have!

Mr Jarvis