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Change of school day consultation - FAQ

Change of school day consultation - FAQ

Please see below following the consultation on changes to school day timings the responses to frequently asked question.

May I take this opportunity to thank on behalf of the governors and the senior leadership team those who took the time to respond and I look forward to sharing the outcome of the impact of these changes as they embed over the forthcoming term.

Change of school day - Frequently asked questions

What is "Core skills"?

This is a lesson which will be used to deliver additional literacy, numeracy, digital competency, PSE and social skills as well as checking attendance and pastoral elements

With split lunches will other lesson become disrupted?

Lunch will be catered from the school dining hall with students accessing the back field for recreation in fine weather. The back field faces onto the dining hall and gymnasium and therefore there will be minimal disruption.

The toilets are situated either side of the dining hall and staff will be supervising as they do currently.

With reduced time at lunchtime will the children not socialise?

Students will socialise as they do currently during their lunch period. We do not believe that they will stop socialising as a result of 15 minutes being cut from their lunch period.

Will extra-curricular activities reduce due to a shorter lunch break?

The majority of our extra-curricular activities are undertaken after school currently. This will be maintained but some may choose to offer extra-curricular activities at lunchtime still. Students who currently engage with activities at lunchtime usually have their lunch during the 20 minute break period earlier in the day. Other schools that we have looked at have not reported a drop in extra-curricular when they reduce the lunch period.

How will you prevent students from taking advantage of the 5 minute travel time between lessons?

Senior leaders across the school will supervise travel time as they do currently when they supervise travel time between lessons.

When will parents receive a review of the new timings?

This will be reviewed during the autumn term and review will be shared with parents, students, governors and teaching staff to influence any further refinements or proposals for change.