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Coronavirus Related News [Newyddion Diweddaraf Feirws Corona]

Coronavirus Related News Newyddion Diweddaraf Feirws Corona

Please see coronavirus related news below.

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  • Half Term Message (video)

    Published 29/05/20

    Please see our special half term video message to all students.

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  • Social Change UK Survey

    Published 20/05/20

    Please see message from Social Change UK who are looking to survey children aged 11 - 16 across Wales...

    Please can you complete the following survey to help NHS Wales find out more about your views and thoughts about period health to help create a new website and resources to help you find out more and get the information and support you might need.  

    The survey will take 10 – 15 minutes and should be done as part of your set work this week. You should do the survey only once and can choose to do it in English or Welsh (please chose one of the two links below). You therefore only need to complete one of the survey links, not both:

    English language survey:

    Welsh language survey:

    We are launching the survey from today, Monday 18th May – 5pm Monday 8th June (for 3 weeks). Please do support us with this work if you are able to, we would really appreciate your assistance! If you have any questions on the above, or would like further information about the project overall, please contact Eloise Pinchera: (0207 186 1980). 

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  • Hay Festival

    Published 15/05/20

    It has recently been announced that this year’s Hay Festival will now take place online. Hay Festival is a literary festival that takes place in the border town of Hay on Wye every year. Typically, they hold a two day programme for schools with talks by published authors, and then a week long general programme with events to suit any genre. Hay Festival proves to be popular due to the diverse range of events that take place across the week. This year, during half term, both the general programme and the programme for schools are available online. Using the links below, you are able to go to the website and take part in any of the events for free. Below you will find examples of events taking place in the school’s programme, and further in the document, events taking place in the general programme – so that both children and parents can enjoy Hay Festival!

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  • Dalian Royal School, China and St Martin's School, Caerphilly share classroom teaching experience

    Published 11/05/20

    As a world fighting the pandemic of the COVID19, Dalian Royal School continues to share its practice and learning about how China, its teachers and students have adapted to the challenges of continuing education online.

    Senior High School students have continued to work on their AS and AL courses using distance and online learning for the last 10 weeks. Teachers have worked hard to ensure the disruption to learning has been minimal, showing their professionalism and care for the students at DRS.

    Academic Principal May received a request from a school in her hometown in the UK to lead a discussion session with the Senior Leadership team of St Martins School. Headteacher, Lee Jarvis, led the questioning, with the whole team asking Principal May about her experiences in China and how teachers and students were managing.

    Principal May shared the school’s journey to online teaching, the training received by teachers and the involvement of parents and students in the organisation of the schools structure. The UK team found the approach fascinating and compared it very openly to their current experiences. Live teaching, training teachers in the use of technology, attendance of students, engagement and wellbeing were all areas discussed.

    Mr Jarvis, who will be responsible for the schools re-opening plan was interested in the work that the Education Bureau and school teams were undertaking to ensure the safety of teachers and students.

    On Wednesday and Thursday, Ms Claire Manson, St Martins Assistant Headteacher in charge of learning and teaching, joined some of the online classes the gain an experience of life for our students and teachers. Firstly, Ms Manson joined the AS Grade 11 Economics class with Jennifer Yuan, where the students explained in depth how to develop essay writing and the use of diagrams within AS level. Ms Manson was impressed with their English fluency, their knowledge and ability to explain and apply their Economics learning.

    Ms Manson then visited a Psychology class with G10 students and teacher Mark Roberts. Students were considering Learning Theory as an explanation of addition. The group were fully engaged in a discussion about conditioning. Students debated around different types of addiction and why these occurs. They used subject specific terminology well, showing their knowledge and understanding. Through Mark’s guidance, students were able to apply these to theories to practical and real life examples, which supported the students in mastering the knowledge and making it stick.

    In a Biology lesson with John Hamhill, Ms Manson saw students engaged in discussions on their research topics, with John using a ‘critical friend’ approach in breakout rooms, allowing students to learn from each other. She also observed one to one sessions where John gave feedback and advice to students.

    Following the lesson, Principal May and ESC led Yolanda Zhao  met with Ms Manson to discuss her learning. She was very impressed with the students knowledge and the questioning used by teachers to make students think deeper. She also liked the way sessions were structured and commented on the positive engagement of students in their own learning and their willingness to learn from each other. The schools discussed the possibility of further connections, with the opportunity to join ‘Teach Meets’ used for professional learning of teachers.

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    Published 11/05/20

    We Apologise for any inconvenience, the School Shop will be TEMPORARILY CLOSED due to Covid 19.

    However, uniform can be purchased at YC Sports, 5 Penlline Road, Whitchurch, Cardiff CF14 2AA

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  • Trip to New York and Washington: update

    Published 05/05/20

    Letter for parents regarding the trip to Washington and New York is below for information.

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  • Keeping children and young people safe online

    Published 29/04/20

    The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has led to the increased use of digital technology. Learners and schools are now using technology to continue their learning and many of us are relying on technology for work and communicating with friends and family. This increase in the use of technology has raised the importance of keeping children and young people safe online. The latest Online Safety Zone half termly news article, published last Friday on Welsh Governments Hwb, has many useful tips:

    In addition to this you may find other online safety links useful on the Gwent Safeguarding website:

    ·        Children and Young People online safety page

    ·        Parents and Carers online safety page

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  • Digital Questionnaire: For all parents/carers

    Published 29/04/20

    In order to ensure that all pupils have access to home learning resources, we have been asked to collect data about every child's digital circumstances. Therefore, please complete this short questionnaire about the digital provisions you have at home. It is vital that you reflect your circumstances at home. This information will be shared with the local authority to look at provision across Caerphilly. Please complete one questionnaire for each of the children who attend St Martin's living in your home. 

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  • INSET Day

    Published 03/04/20

    With what would have been an INSET day today and the Easter holidays soon upon us, no new work will be set for your children during the Easter break. 

    Stay safe 

    Mr Jarvis
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  • Message for Year 12

    Published 03/04/20

    After the Easter break Year 12 learners need to be aware that their Year 13 courses will begin and teachers will be setting google classroom work for them as well as beginning any coursework or assignments that they will need to study for their courses. 

    Stay safe 

    Mr Jarvis
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  • Free School Meals Update

    Published 01/04/20

    **Free School Meals – update**

    Due to the volume of calls and emails we are receiving please see additional telephone numbers below for free school meals applications and enquiries.

    • 07717803962
    • 07701020128
    • 07920152568
    • 07754746779
    • 07789938346
    • 07720948033
    • 07769718308
    • 07770923598
    • 07920152579
    • 07810200290
    • 07754746786

    Please note: If you made your request for meals to Bridges into Work after the 31st March you will not receive any meals until either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday next week. Full details on our website

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  • Daily Schedule Suggestion

    Published 30/03/20

    Good morning,

    As we begin another week of work in these unprecedented times, please see below a suggested daily timetable to support you.

    Stay safe,

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