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Tech Tip Tuesday [Tip Tech Dydd Mawrth]

Tech Tip Tuesday Tip Tech Dydd Mawrth

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  • Google Calendar

    Published 18/09/19, by M Lewis

    Did you know, clicking the google calendar icon at the top of google chrome lets you see and add events in your Google Calendar?

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  • Assign a comment to a user

    Published 10/09/19, by M Lewis

    Assign a comment to a user using google docs...

    See below





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  • Google Drive Priority

    Published 03/09/19, by M Lewis




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  • Differentiation with Google Classroom

    Published 11/06/19, by M Lewis






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  • Insert Audio into Google Slides

    Published 04/06/19, by M Lewis





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  • Google Drive Update

    Published 05/03/19, by M Lewis

    Now, when you click in the search box you’ll see a range of options, including:

    • Suggested search queries: Click on a term to search for it. 
    • Your top collaborators: Click on a person to search for files that you’ve collaborated with them on. 
    • File types, edit history, priority items, and more: Click to show files that match the highlighted criteria. 

    These filters will help you find and filter content more quickly and efficiently in Drive.

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  • Google Calendar Notifications

    Published 05/11/18, by M Lewis




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